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Veronica Morin

  Dr. Veronica Morin

   Associate Professor of Biology

   W-345, Floyd Campus

   (706) 368-7516





Courses Currently Taught:

     BIOL 2121 Human Anatomy & Physiology I

     BIOL 2122 Human Anatomy & Physiology II

     BIOL 2161 Medical Microbiology

     ISCI 2001  Integrated Life/Earth Science



Veronica Morin is a full-time, tenured faculty member at Georgia Highlands College.  She received her Bachelor of Science in Biology from Jacksonville State University in 2001 and her Master of Science in Biology from Jacksonville State University in 2005. She recently completed her Ed.D. in Higher Education Administration from the University of Alabama with a dissertation titled "Gender Dominated Academic Programs in Higher Education: Associate's Degree Attainment of Males in Nusing and Females in Engineering in the 21st Century". 


Office Hours Fall 2016:

       Mondays & Wednesdays

                   10-11 am

                   3:30-4:30 pm

       Tuesdays & Thursdays

                   4-5:15 pm

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