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Faculty receives funding to boost learning

GHC faculty receives funding to boost learning


Rome – Oct. 22, 2014 


Georgia Highlands College Teaching-Learning Center awarded four faculty members mini-grants for the purpose of improving teaching and learning. The grants, given annually in the fall, are awarded in amounts up to $800. The funding for the grants is supplied through the academic affairs office.


Renva Watterson, vice president of academic affairs, said, “This year’s mini-grants recipients are forward-thinking, innovative and GHC-focused. Each of them will bring new learning and insight from which we can all benefit. I encourage others to follow their lead.”


Faculty members may apply for funds to support projects designed to enrich curricular development or facilitate instructional improvement.


Michelle Abbott of the Cartersville campus will use her award to attend the Online Learning Consortium’s Advanced Online Teaching Certificate program in April 2015.


Abbott said, “The three-week course will expand my knowledge of active-learning techniques in online courses as well as increase my ability to assess teaching and learning in the online environment.”


Soumitra Chattopadhyay, who teaches in Cartersville, will bring two successful and noted professors to GHC to discuss techniques used in the classroom. The intention is to motivate and inspire GHC faculty to employ successful techniques to continue to enhance learning.


Jesse Bishop, based at the Floyd campus, received the grant money to host a


THATCamp —The Humanities And Technology Camp— at the Floyd Campus in Spring 2015. THATCamp is a low-cost, high-participation, interactive conference. The conference will focus on the intersections of humanities and technology within the GHC community.


J. Sean Callahan of the Marietta campus will travel to the Global Learning Conference to attend workshops and presentations. These workshops and presentations provide the training needed to create interdisciplinary curricula for GHC’s Study Abroad program.


The funds must be used during the 2014-2015 school year and are awarded for a variety of techniques to advance learning such as developmental instructional modules, classroom-based field trips or instructional media.

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