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MATH 1001

Contact Instructor:  Libby Gore

MATH 1001, Quantitative Reasoning...

  • teaches quantitative skills and reasoning in the context of everyday life experiences.
  • continues building upon the ideas presented in the MATH 0987 of processing mathematical information in context from a variety of representations
  • includes sets and set operations, logic, basic probability, data analysis, linear models, quadratic models, exponential and logarithmic models
  • typically involves 3-10 hours of outside of class work each week

Is MATH 1001 the Correct Math Class for Me?

If you intend on pursuing one of the following non-STEM programs of study, then MATH 1001 is the right math class for you.

non-STEM Programs of Study

Art, Communications, Criminal Justice, Economics, English, Foreign Languages, General Studies (Non-STEM concentration), History, Journalism, Philosophy, Psychology, Sociology, Teacher Education- Early Childhood, Teacher Education- Middle Grades (non-mathematics concentration), Teacher Education - Special Education, Teacher Education - Secondary Education (non-STEM  concentration), Human Services - Career Program, Dental Hygiene - Career Program, Nursing - Career Program (Associate Degree with GHC)

Required Materials

  1. Required Textbook and MyMathLab Acces:  Thinking Mathematically, 6th Edition, Blitzer, ISBN:  9780321923233
    • Some students do not purchase the physical textbook, but rather only purchase MyMathLab access.  There is an eBook version of the textbook within the program.  MyMAthLab is web-based.
    • Online Math Program:  MyMathLab accessed by Pearson Education accessed at http://www.mymathlab.com/
      • **You MUST purchase access to MyMathLab!!  All homework will be completed here.**
  2. TI 83 or TI 84/Plus Calculator:  Each student taking this course needs access to a TI-83 or TI-84 graphing calculator.  Students are permitted to use their calcultor to complete homework exercises, quizzes, and exams.
  3. Internet Access: All students have access to computers and the internet on all of the GHC campuses.  Most students find that having off-campus internet access is very helpful with finishing their homework.

Fall 2014 Syllabus and Course Calendar


Major Assignments

  • 20 MyMathLab Homework Assignments
  • 5 Unit Tests
  • 1 Final Exam

*The number and type of assignments in this list is subject to change.  This list is intended as a general guide only.**


Page last updated: August 14, 2014