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Human Anatomy & Physiology II Lab Schedule – Summer 2014

Below are a series of links to the handouts needed for AP2 Lab.

They are PDFs, so you will need Adobe Reader to access them.

It can be downloaded for free HERE.

Date (Week of)


Link to Lab Printouts

Corresponding pages in Text

June 9

Orientation Review 
Risk Assessment/ Blood Handling Policy
Histology of Blood

Blood Typing & Hematocrit

Cardiovascular System
◦Gross Anatomy of the Heart
Artery and Vein, Cardiac Muscle
◦Blood Vessel Anatomy: ◦Physiology: Blood Pressure, Pulse Rate, Heart Sounds

Introduction/ Orientation

Histology of Blood

Cardiovascular System and Heart Anatomy

p 574-675

June 16

Respiratory System
Lung, Trachea
◦Gross Anatomy

◦Physiology: Spirometer

Respiratory System

p 720-759

June 23



June 30

Digestive System 
◦Gross Anatomy:

◦Histology: Tongue, Stomach, Gall bladder, Intestine 
◦Physiology: Digestion

Digestive System

p 760-809

July 7

Urinary System 
◦Histology: Kidney, Urinary Bladder
◦ Gross Anatomy
◦Physiology: Urinalysis 
(NOTE: Must give urine sample at beginning of lab.)

Urinary System



p 846-883

July 14

 Endocrine System
◦Gross Anatomy
Pituitary, Thyroid, Pancreas, Adrenal, Ovary, Testes

Endocrine System

p 540-573

July 21

Reproductive System
Review Ovary, Testes
◦Gross Anatomy:

Reproductive System

p 908-979

July 28




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