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Online Discussions

Thee people sitting around a labtop computer on a table.Online Discussions:  

Associated with each quiz will be a quiz discussion.  After you make your first attempt at
a quiz, then the discussion for that quiz will open to you.  The online discussionswill be
held in the D2L course site.  For each quiz,  you are to post at least one question from the
quiz that you do not understand, got incorrect, or had difficulty answering.  This will be your original
post.  This question must be one that someone else has not already posted.   In addition, you
are to reply to the original question posted by at least one other student and explain the answer
to his or her question.  Your original question is worth 8 points and your reply to another student is
worth 8 points.  Note, if you post the same question, then you will get no credit for your posting!  
Use complete sentences and good grammar (4 points)-- no slang or abbreviations!  You are
expected to use the equation editor in D2L.  Attachments in the discussion area are not acceptable
-- do not use them.

If you get all questions correct on your first attempt, then your original post is to be a word/application
problem that you construct.  However, only those who get ALL questions correct on their first attempt
can post a self-made word/application problem.

Examples of Quiz Discussion Posts and Reply:

Good Original Post

Question 5 on my on quiz asked me to find the roots of the equation
x2- 6x - 16 = 0.  I factored to get x(x - 6) = 16 and got x = 16 and
x = 22. What am I doing wrong?

Bad Original Post 

Question 5  what's up w/ this?

Good Reply I

I used my TI-83 calculator.  Place the equation y = x2 - 6x - 16 in you calculator.
Graph the equation and then use the feature to find the zeros, which are the
roots,  You get x = 8 or x = -2

Good Reply II

I agree with Good Reply I, but remember that x is a root which is an x-intercept.
Therefore I solved by factoring

x2 - 6x - 16 = 0

(x -8)(x +2) = 0

so x = 8 or x =-2.

Bad Reply I

I agree with what everyone has said.

Bad Reply II

I got just like you x = 8 or x = -2.

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