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Will You Be Successful in an Online Class Format for Communication 1100?

To be successful in this online course, you must be able to answer "Yes, I understand and agree" to the following statements:

1. I understand that this class requires that I be able to work independently, and if I cannot discipline myself to do this, I am not a good candidate for this course.

2. I understand that I am responsible for reading the textbook, for going to the class webpage on a regular basis, and for doing the reading and assignments posted there. No one will nag or remind me to do this. I must remember and make the time for myself.

3. I understand that the class webpage posted on the internet is an integral part of this class and that it is my responsibility to ensure I can access the information posted there and complete the published assignments by whatever means necessary. Material posted on the webpage is considered "communicated."

4. I understand that we will not go over chapters of the textbook in class meetings, and that I am responsible for reading this material over which I will be tested. I understand that each test will cover approximately 6 chapters from the textbook, which is a great deal of information.

5. I understand that the instructor may contact me by email, and that I should check my GHC email account regularly and frequently.

6. I understand that this class moves very quickly (speeches will begin very soon), and that if I do not keep up with the assignments, I will fall behind and it is unlikely that I will be able to recover.

7. I understand that if I have work or other obligations that will prevent me from attending the mandatory orientations and class sessions for the full time allotment or from completing class work as required, I am NOT a good candidate for this course.

8. I understand that if I have questions, it is up to me to appropriately contact the instructor, but BEFORE I do so I should read all available materials and information.

9. I understand that since this class only meets online except for mandatory class sessions, there is a rigorous participation policy which will be strictly enforced.

10. I understand that class meeting time will be devoted to speeches and tests, and that if I am the type of person who enjoys lecture and in-person class interaction or who needs face-to-face instructor contact to learn, I am NOT a good candidate for this course.

11. I understand that although there are no official prerequisites for this course, it involves much reading, research, and speech writing (determining main ideas and creating outlines). As this course is in an online, fast-paced format, I should consider this carefully if I do not have a solid reading and English background, as this may present a significant challenge.

12. I understand that if I have made a "C" or below in any recent course, this is often a good indicator that it will be very difficult for me to be successful in this type of environment, therefore, I may NOT be a good fit for this course.

13. I understand that an online format is not for everyone, and although they may not be at the exact time or on the exact campus I prefer, I have options for taking this class in a traditional format if I so choose. However, I am opting for an online version of this course.

You are acknowledging your understanding of and agreement with the above statements and with the syllabus in general by continuing to remain enrolled in this class. If you are NOT able to answer that you understand and agree to the above statements be forewarned that you will NOT be successful in this course. You might choose to consider options other than an online format.

Page last updated: June 5, 2013