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2111 Paper 2 Assignment

ENGL 2111 Paper Two Assignment – Patterson

Write a well-developed, grammatically sound paper between 800 and 1,100 words in length on one of the topics below due November 21.  The paper should be double-spaced, with 12 point font and one inch margins. Turn in a printed copy of your final draft and submit the essay to www.turnitin.com  by than the start of class November 21.

Remember that you must use source material to backup your claims, including adequate parenthetical citations and a works cited page for your sources. (Information on MLA citation mechanics is found in Harbrace handbook and in a handout linked here. A guide to MLA layout for headers, running heads, works cited pages, etc. is available in this online example.)

Again, you should have a minimum of two external/secondary sources, and any electronic sources must come from GALILEO or be individually approved by the instructor. As with your first paper, you should use adequate literary terminology to discuss your points and judiciously employ paraphrases and quotations from the works about which you write, using adequate citation for such. After all direct quotes of poems and plays (Bhagavad Gita, Oedipus, etc), put the line number(s) citing the quote at the end of the sentence in parenthesis. If your quote is more than one line of a poem or a play, use a  forward slash to separate each line. After all quotes from prose works (Apology of Socrates, Confessions, etc.), use the page number(s) in parenthesis at the end of the line containing the quote.

And as always, remember to use terms from your "Literary Terms" online handout throughout your paper as well. Likewise, recall the information in the handout on literary analysis and on the guide to writing about literature linked to the online syllabus.

If you encounter any difficulties or have any questions, immediately contact me or go to the Tutorial Center.


1)Compare and contrast the philosophies discussed in Bhagavad Gita or Confucius’ Analects with those found in Apology of Socrates. As always with a good compare/contrast paper, go beyond listing surface similarities and differences to analyze the reasons these may occur. Issues to consider may include but are not limited to what humans should strive for, proper human behavior, the afterlife and/or the human soul.

2) Choose any two works on our syllabus to date and compare and/or contrast their positions on fate vs. free will.  Analyze the similarities and differences in the themes of the works you select rather than simply recalling plot episodes.

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