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1101 TR process essay

Process Writing Assignment                  Engl 1101 TR  Patterson

Your assignment is to compose a well-developed, grammatically sound process essay or presentation, using only your knowledge – no research of any kind. Assignments will be due at the end of class November 21.

If you write an essay, use MS Word to type a 400 - 800 word paper, double-spaced with 12 point font, one inch margins and appropriate MLA heading/running headers. Your paper may “look” very different than any previous essay in the course as a result of its organization and layout. Regardless, you must still use proper grammar/punctuation in your writing. You may also use illustrations to enhance your essay.

If you compose a presentation, use MS PowerPoint to create a title slide and 4-6 additional slides which deal with your topic. You will turn in a disk or cd with your presentation saved on it, and a printed copy of your slides (All slides printed on one page using the “print handouts” option will be best). Remember, when you use this type of presentation software, you must write in abbreviated fashion, highlighting key points and instructions. Even so, you must also use complete sentences and proper grammar/punctuation throughout. You may also use well-chosen clip art or images to enhance your presentation. If you are not already familiar with the basics of PowerPoint, it might be wise to choose the essay option to avoid spending enormous time and effort learning software instead of dealing with process writing. You may use PowerPoint to view this example of a student’s process assignment

Topic options:

1 – Explain to a new employee the basic requirements of your job.

2 – Explain the process of an active hobby (i.e. photography, stamp collecting, harmonica, etc – as opposed to watching television, surfing the Web, etc).

3 – Explain to new college students how to succeed academically.

4 – Explain how to play a specific sport (other than baseball, football, basketball or soccer).

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