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1101 runon exercise

Comma Splice & Fused Sentence Exercises

Directions:  Some of the following sentences are comma splices or fused sentences. Find these run-ons, and we will correct each together. 


1.  On Thursday the Student Government Association holds its first meeting the election of new officers will take place then.


2.  Michael Vick was drafted in 2001 as a new quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons, he gave the team some hope for the future.


3.  Buying books at Barnes and Noble on a Saturday afternoon and stopping at Starbucks for a large espresso are my ideas of fun.. 


4.  Scuba diving into the deep waters of the abandoned quarry near Berry College, Sylvia could swear that she saw a submarine.


5.  The contractors who are building the new Douglasville campus for Georgia Highlands College work every weekend this is the only way that they will be able to finish on schedule.


6.  The president of the college goes on vacation while the students are registering for fall semester classes.


7.  Moe was a fan of most alternative music, he never did like Green Day.


8.  Stop studying, we have an appointment in half an hour at Dave and Buster’s.


9.  John Grisham writes best-selling books about corruption and the courts, however, his books do not get good reviews from critics. 


10.  He sells so many books, however, that the critics’ opinions don’t bother him much. 


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