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Art History II Extra Credit

Art History II – Extra Credit Assignment

Worth up to 10 points


Choose one of the following topics and write a brief, four-to-five paragraph essay in response.


  1. Compare Raphael’s School of Athens with Veronese’s Christ in the House of Levi.  How did each work reflect the environments of Rome or Venice?


  1. How does allegory impact the work of Pieter Bruegel?  How did their use of allegory reflect the period?  Use examples to support your essay.


  1. Contrast the Elevation of the Cross by Rubens with Rembrandt’s Return of the Prodigal Son.  How does each work reflect the artist and his temperament?  How does each work mirror the sociopolitical environment of each artist?


  1. Evaluate the ways in which the interest in the sentimental, the heroic, and the sublime was expressed in 19th century art.


  1. Assess the impact the Armory Show (1913) had on the American art scene.  Use examples to support your essay.


  1. Assess the work of David Hammons and Juane Quick-To-See-Smith.  How do these artists reflect the sociopolitical climate and how do they fit into the postmodernism environment?

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