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Human Anatomy and Physiology II Laboratory Spring 2013

You can take practice practical here.
Please remember that this website was designed for a different institution and may contain information that may not be relevant to your course (such as fetal pig, etc.) or may not contain all of the information that you are resposble for (such as the endocrine system).


You must bring with you to every lab:

1. Printed notes (see the laboratory schedule)

2. Laboratory Journal

3. Textbook

Laboratory Schedule

Dates Topics Covered

NOTE: (1) The links below are PDF files and computers require a PDF reader to download the files and, (2) some files may take several minutes to download

Please print up the notes and bring them with you to lab! If you do not bring notes with you to lab, then the instructor reserves the right to deduct 5 points from your overall lab average for each infraction.

Lab 1

Orientation and Risk Assessment
Endocrine System:
1. Gross Anatomy
2. Histology: Pituitary, Thyroid, Pancreas, Adrenal, Ovary, Testes

Endocrine System Tag List


Lab 2

See Images Here
1. Gross Anatomy of the Heart
2. Histology: Cardiac Muscle
3. Cow/sheep heart dissection

Cardiovascular System: The Heart Tag List

No labs
Review Lab 1 and Lab 2
Begin learning the blood vessels

Lab 3

Cardiovascular System:
1. Blood Vessel Anatomy
2. Histology: Artery and Vein

Cardiovascular System: Circulation Tag List


Lab 4

Cardiovascular System:
1. Blood Handling Policy
2. Histology of Blood
Blood cell samples

For the lab practical be able to identify different types of blood cells (erythrocytes, all leukocytes, and thrombocytes), know the function of all of the cells, be able to identify the blood type given the agglutination profile.


Lab 5

Respiratory System:
1. Gross Anatomy
2. Histology: Lung, Trachea

Respiratory System Tag List

Clinical application and Lab Exam I Review
Lab Exam I (Labs 1-5)
03/04/2013 No Lab. Spring Break!

Lab 6

Urinary System:
1. Histology: Kidney, Urinary Bladder
2. Gross Anatomy

Urinary System Tag List


Lab 7

Digestive System: Alimentary Canal  
1. Gross Anatomy of alimentary canal
2. Histology: Tongue, Stomach, Gall bladder, Intestine


Lab 8

Digestive System: Accessory Organs
1. Gross Anatomy of accessory digestive organs
2. Histology: pancreas,  liver
3. Physiology: Digestion

Digestive System Tag List


Lab 9

Reproductive System:
1. Gross Anatomy
2. Histology: Review Ovary, Testes

Reproductive System Tag List


04/08/2013 Clinical application and Lab Exam II Review
Lab Exam II (Labs 6-9)


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