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My Math Lab: Online HW & Quizzes


How do I complete My Homework?


1. Once logged in to Course compass, click on the appropriate course


2. Click on “Do Homework” under the tool menu on the left.


3. You may then choose which section of homework to complete.


            a. You do not have to complete the sections of homework in order.


            b. You do not have to complete an entire section in one sitting. The program will save your work.


            c. You may redo incorrect homework problems as many times as you like until the due date.




            d. You must “check” each problem and miss the answer 3 times before it counts the problem incorrect. Once the problem is marked incorrect, you must choose             “similar exercise” to redo the problem.


            e. As you correct formerly missed exercises, your score for that section will automatically go up.


            f. When you have completed the exercises or would like to take a break click    “submit work”. This will save all of the work you have completed.


4. To check the status of a homework section, click on “Do Homework” at the main menu. Click on the section you choose. Problems will be categorized one of four ways.


a. Attempted/Correct: Green Check                    c. Attempted/Incomplete: Gold Circle


b. Attempted/Incorrect: Red X                             d. Not Attempted: no icon




How do I complete My Quizzes?


1. Once logged in to Coursecompass, click on the appropriate course


2. Click on “Take a Quiz” under the tool menu on the left.

            ***You will not see quizzes under the HW tab.***


3. Select the appropriate quiz. Click “Begin Quiz”


4. Once you begin a quiz, 1st attempt starts.


            a. Quizzes have a time limit of 30 - 45 minutes (or more) depending on the quiz.


            b. You are not allowed to check and correct problems.


            c. You must click “Submit”


5. Once you submit the quiz, you can check your grade.


6. You are allowed a 2nd timed attempt if you are not satisfied with the first grade. The 2nd attempt will begin a new quiz with new problems to complete.

Page last updated: June 3, 2011