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Steve Stuglin


Dr. Steve Stuglin



Assistant Professor of Communication

Georgia Highlands College




137-Hub (Douglasville)


Vice President of GHC Faculty Senate

Director of GHC Speech Competition

DGV Campus Liasion for Six Mile Post



 General Availability
Monday to Thursday
in Douglasville


Contact me to make

an appointment.


Spring 2018 Courses:

Intro to Mass Media

Human Communication

Rhetorics of Video Games


Other Courses:

Public Speaking

Political Argument and Debate

The Election of 2016

Interpersonal Communication


My name is Steve Stuglin. I have been with Georgia Highlands College since the Fall 2012 semester. I teach communication courses and special topics courses in the Humanities Division. I earned my doctorate in Rhetoric & Politics from Georgia State University in December 2014.

I live in Atlanta with my wife Tara and my dog Lily. We are avid movie watchers (we own thousands of hard-copy movies), readers, and both enjoy computer games in our free time. Our families, for the most part, live in Michigan.

In addition to my education background in communication and psychology, I am interested in science, history, and politics. I often use interesting developments and current events in these other areas as examples for Communication course concepts.

Using the links on the left you can find out more about my education background, research interests, and teaching history (click on Curriculum Vitae). There is also a link to information about Communication related Academic Organizations. You may also want to click on the Public Speaking link to find out about public speaking events outside the classroom.

I look forward to working with you!


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