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Booking Checklist pdf


  • Define purpose of event

  • Determine # of participants

  • Date

  • Time

  • Optimum seating:

    • Theater

    • Banquet

    • Classroom

    • Other

  • Will food or beverages be served? (Note: unavailable in computer labs)

  • Will this event require AV resources:

    • Presenter's computer

    • Internet access

    • Microsoft Office

    • Portable sound

    • Microphone/Sound

    • Projector/Screen

    • Speaker

    • VCR/DVD

    • Other

  • Will this event require IT resources:

    • Wireless access

    • Software installation

    • Computer lab (half day)

    • Computer lab (full day)

  • Review GHC policies and guidelines

  • Select GHC venue

  • Select GHC facility


  • Complete facility request email and submit to campus dean

  • Wait for campus dean's verification of availability and approval (approx. 3-5 days)

  • Upon approval, additional information needed:

    • Liability insurance

    • Named event assistant and contact info

    • Emergency contact info (not attending event)

    • Sign up with Code Red for emergency notification

    • Secure catering contract (if applicable)

  • Wait for campus dean's preparation of Reservation and License Agreement (1-2 days)

  • Take Reservation to GHC business office to make payment and secure facility

  • Visit campus dean to deliver payment receipt and sign Agreement

  • Notify Campus Safety/Plant Operations of special needs or concerns (if applicable)

  • Schedule appointment with AV and/or IT (if applicable)

  • Inform participants of event location and details

  • Inform participants of GHC policies

  • Schedule walk-through of facility

Page last updated: February 14, 2013