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Research Based Writing

IV. Research-Based Writing Resources

  1. General Resources

    1. Purdue U’s OWL: Conducting Research & Using Research

    2. Writing for College: Research

    3. The Process of Research Writing, Steven D. Krause

  2. Understanding Research

    1. General Readings

      1. Summary of The Craft of Research

      2. The Research Paper and Why We Should Still Care,” Dr. Doug Brent, U of Calgary (This is a book chapter, longer and weightier than the readings above, but it presents some compelling ideas that students have found useful in shaping their thinking about “research papers.”)

    2. Kinds/types of research

      1. Literary Research

        1. from Purdue U’s OWL

        2. Literary Research Paper Structure, from Valencia College

        3. from Armstrong Atlantic U

    3. Strategies for research

      1. Literary, from David A. James

      2. Humanities, from Indiana U

      3. Social Sciences, from APA

      4. History, from Hamilton College (a really good resource for any Liberal Arts discipline)

  3. Finding & Evaluating Sources

    1. GALILEO: A Primer, Prof. Jesse Bishop, GHC

    2. Effective Research, Prof. Cynthia Davidson, GHC

    3. Incorporating Information, Prof. Cynthia Davidson, GHC

    4. Evaluating Sources,” from the USG

    5. Evaluating Sources, from Harvard U

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