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Your eLearning Course: What to expect

12. You can get your books at the bookstore or order online

One problem that some eLearning students have is that they wait until the last minute to discover that they will need to order their books online. The Georgia Highlands College  bookstores generally do a good job or ordering books. However, sometimes they do run short of books.  The best advice is to order or buy your books at least one week before the class starts.  Once you have enrolled in the course, you will order your books from the http://www.efollett.com/  .  You can follow the link to order, or you can call the bookstore directly.  Our experience is that these books take only a few days to ship - but please don't wait!!  

What textbook do you need?

Have you course name, number and CRN ready, such as BIOL2215, CRN: 90777.
people looking as books
Your Georgia Highlands Cartersville Campus Bookstore Manager is Jasmine Conant
Main Phone:  (678) 872-8042
Fax: (678) 872-8041
Email: ghccartersville@bkstr.com

Your Georgia Highlands Floyd Campus Bookstore Manager is Stephanie Loveless
Main Phone:  (706) 295-6359
Fax: (706) 802-5193
Email: ghcfloyd@bkstr.com


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