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eLearning Mission and Goals

The Division of eLearning supports courses and programs delivered in online modalities, including web-based, hybrid, eClassroom, and eCore. The division is committed to providing a framework for students, faculty, and programs that leads to outstanding student achievement in online learning at GHC.

The Division of eLearning will

1.    Demonstrate that students are aware of the expectations of eLearning course offerings before enrolling in those classes.

2.    Share information about online courses, programs, and degree options to current and prospective students, faculty and staff of the College, and the communities served by GHC.

3.    Develop and maintain technical, infrastructure, and user services for students who enroll in courses offered through online modalities.

4.    Provide training and support for students to use the current Learning Management System (LMS) and other tools needed to successfully complete eLearning courses.

5.    Train and support instructors to use the current LMS and other digital tools, to facilitate effective online instruction, and to design and maintain online content using tools, techniques, and standards that support student success.

6.    Ensure compliance with ADA and other federal regulations related to accessibility of course materials for individuals with disabilities.

7.    Ensure compliance with national, state, and institutional policies, standards, and expectations related to online teaching and learning.

8.    Collect and analyze data to measure and improve the quality of eLearning courses through a variety of metrics.



The division participates in assessment annually.

Page last updated: September 28, 2016