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Division of Social Sciences Business and Education

Division of Social Sciences, Business and Education

In support of the mission of Georgia Highlands College, the Division of Social Sciences, Business and Education provides students with access to excellent educational opportunities via the disciplines of Accounting, Business Administration, Criminal Justice, Economics, Education, Geography, History, Human Services, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, Religion, and Sociology, which are an integral part of the University System of Georgia core curriculum and two-year associate degrees offered by the college.

The division is committed to developing students as citizens in a local, national, and global context, promoting and valuing diversity, and developing life skills.  We also seek to enhance the intellectual and cultural development of our diverse student population, emphasizing an education based on the college’s student-learning outcomes, recruiting and supporting highly qualified faculty, facilitating student success through advising and support, and providing excellent customer service to students through the division’s administrative functions.






Page last updated: September 6, 2013