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Division of Natural Sciences and Physical Education Faculty

Name / Website Campus Discipline Office Phone Email
Adebayo Ayorinde Marietta Geology 228  678-872-8533  aayorind@highlands.edu
Jacqueline Belwood Cartersville Biology 254A  678-872-8416 jbelwood@highlands.edu
James Benton Paulding Biology   706-295-6306  jbenton@highlands.edu
Lisa Blumke Cartersville Biology 256  678-872-8412  lblumke@highlands.edu
Tara Brown Floyd Physical Education   706-295-6306  tbrown@highlands.edu
Soumitra Chattopadhyay Cartersville Physics   678-872-8094  schattop@highlands.edu
Jason Christian Floyd Biology   706-368-7532  jachrist@highlands.edu
Merry Clark Cartersville Biology 254-B  678-872-8413  mclark@highlands.edu
Andrew Dawson Floyd Biology W B-340  706-368-7796  adawson@highlands.edu
Allen Easton Douglasville Chemistry   706-295-6306  aeaston@highlands.edu
Cynthia Elsberry Marietta Physical Education 227  678-872-8529  celsberr@highlands.edu
Scott Flynn Cartersville Physical Education   678-872-8414  sflynn@highlands.edu
Tracy Hall Cartersville Geology 217  678-872-8415  thall@highlands.edu
Jeff Hargett Floyd Biology W-332  706-295-6306  jhargett@highlands.edu
Tom Harnden Marietta Biology 227  678-872-8528  tharnden@highlands.edu
Sharryse Henderson Cartersville Biology 333  678-872-8112  shenders@highlands.edu
Jason Hitzeman Floyd Biology W-B342  706-368-7525  jhitzema@highlands.edu
Lisa Jellum Paulding Physical Education   678-946-1016  ljellum@highlands.edu
Alton Jones Marietta Biology   706-295-6306  aljones@highlands.edu
Catherine King Cartersville Physical Education 320 A  678-872-8092  cking@highlands.edu
Toni King Floyd Biology Biology Main  706-295-6306  tking@highlands.edu
Mark Knauss Floyd Biology W338  706-368-7535  mknauss@highlands.edu
Harvey Moody Floyd Chemistry W341  706-368-7517  hmoody@highlands.edu
Veronica Morin Floyd Biology W-345  706-368-7516  vmorin@highlands.edu
Billy Morris Floyd Geology W-325  706-368-7528  bmorris@highlands.edu
Mark Pergrem Floyd Astronomy W-239  706-368-7529  mpergrem@highlands.edu
Devan Rediger Cartersville Biology 332  678-872-8332  drediger@highlands.edu
Chuck Smith Cartersville Biology 124-9  678-872-8000  csmith@highlands.edu
Angelyn Strucher Floyd Physical Education   706-204-2208  astruche@highlands.edu
Kimberly Subacz Cartersville Biology 256C  706-295-6306  ksubacz@highlands.edu
Sarah Tesar Marietta Chemistry   706-295-6306  stesar@highlands.edu
Ken Weatherman Floyd Physical Education   706-204-2203  kweather@highlands.edu
Zac Wilson Floyd Physical Education   706-295-6306  zwilson@highlands.edu


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