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Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice

Welcome to Georgia Highlands College and the Division of Social Sciences and Business program of study in Criminal Justice, a part of the University System of Georgia. We are accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, commonly referred to as SACS. At Georgia Highlands College, criminal justice is widely conceived to include not only the study of crime and society's reaction to crime but the areas of crime and justice that traditionally make up the disciplines of criminology and legal studies.

Our professors represent broad and diverse backgrounds in working with the criminal justice system, dealing with offenders, victims, and conducting research on a wide range of criminal justice issues.

Students and graduates of the program go on to traditional four-year colleges and universities to obtain baccalaureate degrees and work in law enforcement at local, state and federal agencies. In addition, they pursue careers in law enforcement, private security, loss prevention, probation and parole, corrections, and the practice of law, to name a few.  Come join us and set the stage for your success as you engage and explore the many opportunities the field of criminal justice has to offer.


Page last updated: June 14, 2017