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Commencement 2013

Commencement 2013: List of Graduates



Georgia Highlands College holds general commencement exercises for the class of 2013 Saturday, May 11 at 10 a.m. at the Forum in Rome.  The ceremony for nursing graduates takes place at 3 p.m., also at the Forum.  The list of all graduates is below.*


Bartow County

Associate of Applied Science

                            Christopher Pelfrey, Adairsville

            Allison Tidwell, Cartersville

            Kimberly Turner, Cartersville

            Britny Wilson, Cartersville


Associate of Arts

            Mollie Beatty, Cartersville

            Abbie Bond, Cartersville

            Christy Bowen, Adairsville

            April Cline, Cartersville

            Nicolas Garcia, Cartersville

            Nataly Gutierrez, Cartersville

            Brandi Helmly, Cartersville

            Jeremy Linville, Cartersville

            Cynthia Martin, White

            Carrie McDaniel, Cartersville

            Joshua Merritt, Cartersville

            Rocky Mize, Cartersville

            Maria Moncayo, Cartersville

            Christopher Murphy, Rydal

            Joseph Nally, Adairsville

            Natalie Newberry, Cartersville

            Johnathan Russell, Rydal

            Nathan Seale, Cartersville

            Tara Shields, Cartersville

            Javares Sylvester, Cartersville

            Kimberly Turner, Cartersville


Associate of Science

            Zeeshan Ali, Cartersville

            Steven Blume, Cartersville

            Sarah Branton, Cartersville

            Richard Bryant, Cartersville

            Sonjah Callahan, Cartersville

            Kayla Cannon, Cartersville

            Susan Channell, Cartersville

            Dustin Cole, Cartersville

            Janet Cole, Cartersville

            Vonsha Collins, Cartersville

            Christopher Colosi, White

            Stephanie Davis, Cartersville

            Holly Delaney, Cartersville

            Brittany Denton, Adairsville

            Kristen Donegan, Cartersville

            Rachelle Drawver, Cartersville

            Kristy Fox, Cartersville

            Jenny Fricks, Kingston

            Benjamin Garber, Cartersville

            John Germany, Emerson

            Jackson Grant, Rydal

            Taylor Guillory, Acworth

            Tereza Gutierrez, Cartersville

            Megan Hall, White

            Laurie Harvell, Cartersville

            Kimberly Hawkins, Taylorsville

            Steven Heath, Cartersville

            Thompson Hiles, Kingston

            David Hill, Cartersville

            Jake Hill, White

            Joshua Jacobs, Cartersville

            Charlene Jones, Cartersville

            Karen Lynch, Taylorsville

            Nicholas May, Cartersville

            Sean McAllister, Kingston

            Carmen McClure, Adairsville

            Sharon McCoy, White

            Dana Moore, Cartersville

            Stuart Morse, Cartersville

            Eric Mosley, Kingston

            Carolyn Murray, Cartersville

            Katie Nealey, Cartersville

            Nkonge Ngwesse, Cartersville

            Soletia Owens, Cartersville

            Douglas Pacholski, Cartersville

            Emilee Pyle, Cartersville

            Heather Ray, Cassville

            Heather Redding, Cartersville

            Alexander Reynolds, Cartersville

            Tamera Richey, Cartersville

            Jack Root, Cartersville

            Kevin Ruff, Kingston

            Tiffney Slater, Cartersville

            Timothy Squires, Kingston

            Clayton Sullivan, Cartersville

            Ashley Thomas, Cartersville

            Habata Thomas, Cartersville

            Stephen Thomas, Cartersville

            Emily Turek, Cartersville

            Joseph Wade, Cartersville

            Adam Williams, Cartersville

            Tiffany Wood, Cartersville

            Marshall Woods, Cartersville


Associate of Science/Dental Hygiene

Ladena Kimbrel, Cartersville

Ashley Shanahan, Cartersville

Kimberly West, Cartersville


Associate of Science/Nursing

            Rachelle Allen, Kingston

            Kristie Bailey-Snyder, Cartersville

            Jody Bays, Kingston

            Whitney Brooks, White

            Danielle Caron, Cartersville

            Jessica Caverly, Taylorsville

            Michelle Cook, Cartersville

            Stacy Danz, Cartersville

            Dana Ellis, Rydal

            Jonathan Elrod, Rydal

            Emily Evans, Rydal

            Janice Gilliland, Rydal

            Susan Harberson, Adairsville

            Raquel Hill, Adairsville

            Stacey Jenkins, Cartersville

            Kevin Kincannon, Cassville

            Amanda Lawson, Cartersville

            Laurie Newton, Cartersville

            Elizabeth Rooks, Cartersville

            Barbara Serpa, Kingston

            Julie Shrewsbury, Cartersville

            Wendy Simmons, Cartersville


Carroll County

Associate of Applied Science

            Nancy Coleman, Villa Rica


Associate of Arts

            Cortney Gentry, Carrollton


Associate of Science

            Taylor Campbell, Whitesburg

            Erin Harrington, Carrollton

            Tiffany Matthews, Villa Rica

            Joseph Rice, Villa Rica


Associate of Science/Dental Hygiene

            Angel Martin, Villa Rica


Chatham County

Associate of Science

            Skylar Huggett, Savannah



Chattooga County

Associate of Applied Science

            Megan McGinnis, Summerville


Associate of Arts

            Brenna Busbin, Lyerly

            Nicole Hall, Summerville


Associate of Science

            Davina Snowball, Lyerly

            Howard World, Summerville


Associate of Science/Nursing

            Emily Ratliff, Lyerly


Cherokee County

Associate of Arts

            Nathaniel Barlow, Woodstock

            John Brandon, Woodstock

            John Carpenter, Woodstock

            Jonathan Collier-Porter, Canton

            Kaitlyn Jones, Canton

            Alexis Ladwig, Canton

            Amy Seltenright, Woodstock

            Elise Severin, Acworth

            Evangeline Toney, Canton

            Lisa Toney, Canton


Associate of Science

            Jasna Adulovic, Acworth

            Mimoza Aliu, Woodstock

            Halie Beavers, Canton

            Kristen Bennett, Woodstock

            Brooke Benton, Canton

            Ian Blankenship, Woodstock

            Heather Bundy, Canton

            Nancy Chiuri, Woodstock

            Rene Disser, Canton

            Kayla Farabaugh, Canton

            Brittany Henderson, Acworth

            AmberLee Herpy, Ball Ground

            Joyce Hunter, Canton

            Kaitlyn Hyde, Ball Ground

            Donna Kettering, Woodstock

            Rachel Knight, Acworth

            Charlotte Kolesar, Woodstock

            David McGowan, Canton

            Emily Morgan, Canton

            Shannon Mulvey, Acworth

            Ross Skeen, Acworth

            Jacqueline Smallie, Acworth

Amber Smith, Woodstock

Kali Smith, Woodstock

            Erik Smrekar, Acworth

            Catrina Stager, Waleska

            Hollie Stark, Acworth

            Brittany Tanner, Canton

            Alli Wilkins, Canton

            Brittany Wilson, Ball Ground


Associate of Science/Dental Hygiene

            Kylie Bystrom, Woodstock


Associate of Science/Nursing

            Angela Aughey, Acworth

            LaQuanah Barnes, Canton

            Laura Brown, Canton

            Cathy Colby, Canton

            Ansley Hargrave, Woodstock

            Frances Hughes, Acworth

            Janet Jarrette, Canton

            Darlene Kline, Woodstock

            Christopher Lawson, Woodstock

            Terri Moore, Canton

            Elizabeth Polacio-Sanchez, Canton

            Jennifer Prater, Canton

            Alexandra Prine, Canton

            Alina Psareva, Canton

            Lori Rainey, Acworth

            Darlene Strickland, Acworth

            Shon Tucker, Woodstock

            Kimberly VanBuren, Canton

            Kelly Watson, Canton


Clayton County

Associate of Science/Nursing

            Tia Drake, Jonesboro


Cobb County

Associate of Applied Science

            Amy Frix, Acworth


Associate of Arts

            Brittany Allen, Acworth

            Jonathan Arnold, Acworth

            Karen Bates, Marietta

            Kayla Cox, Acworth

            Leah Craig, Acworth

            Shana Henry, Kennesaw

            Ryan Herald, Kennesaw

            Jureka Johnson, Marietta

            Elizabeth Merna, Marietta

            Daniela Ramirez-Mesen, Marietta

            Keitravis Squire, Marietta

            Jakima Starr, Kennesaw

            Kenny Vasquez, Kennesaw


Associate of Science

            Ana Aguirre, Marietta

            Lucybelle Allen, Marietta

            Kathleen Altimari, Powder Springs

            Amber Anderson, Marietta

            Ingmar Bach, Kennesaw

            Nancy Bateman, Powder Springs

            Kolayna Boudreaux, Marietta

            Lauren Branson, Kennesaw

            Rex Burch, Marietta

            James Caffee, Acworth

            Colby Cantrell, Kennesaw

            Ruston Cantrell, Kennesaw

            Cassandra Casaletta, Kennesaw

            Curtis Crees, Austell

            Cady Crider, Marietta

            Jalyn Croft, Marietta

            Christinne De Los Reyes, Acworth

            Tiffany Edde, Powder Springs

            Daniel Elzer, Acworth

            Holbein Espinal, Kennesaw

            Ashley Everett, Powder Springs

            Dennis Fuller, Marietta

            Dana Garbe, Powder Springs

            Kevin Gardner, Kennesaw

            Alice George, Marietta

            Regina Goodson, Powder Springs

            James Hahn, Kennesaw

            Nicole Henault, Marietta

            Taylor Hern, Powder Springs

            Lisa Herrera, Acworth

            Nicholas Hess, Marietta

            Ana Maria Horvath, Marietta

            Graham Howell, Kennesaw

            Kenneth Howell, Acworth

            Timothy Jackson, Marietta

            Vanessa Jasso, Smyrna

            Corinne Jolly, Kennesaw

            Mark Kellett, Kennesaw

            Christina Kiniry, Acworth

            Lacey Knight, Acworth

            Tatum Langlais, Kennesaw

            Tyler Larson, Acworth

            Katie Laskowski, Kennesaw

            Kelly Lavertu, Powder Springs

            Kaitlyn Lindly, Powder Springs

            Leslie Lusk, Marietta

            Galen Maret, Marietta

            Andrew McCarron, Marietta

            Samantha Mitchell, Powder Springs

            Claire Mott, Acworth

            Roxana Oluogun, Marietta

            Andrew Onley, Mableton

            Alex Padgett, Marietta

            Jerry Perlstein, Marietta

            Bobbi Pike, Kennesaw

            William Pittman, Kennesaw

            Tanya Pretorius, Kennesaw

            Alexandra Prozzillo, Marietta

            Nasiya Rahman, Marietta

            James Scallan, Kennesaw

            Andrew Schneider, Marietta

            Heather Schwab, Kennesaw

            Nazanin Sedigh, Kennesaw

            James Shaffer, Marietta

            Gary Sheats, Austell

            Kathy Sherman, Marietta

            Matthew Skinner, Powder Springs

            Adam Slonecker, Kennesaw

            Allison Smith, Kennesaw

            Kayla Smith, Powder Springs

            Soyar Soeun, Acworth

            Megan Stepansky, Marietta

            Logan Stevison, Acworth

            Celia Teague, Acworth

            Robert Trammell, Acworth

            Trent Turner, Acworth

            Marcos Vargas, Marietta

            Tiffany Vollrath, Marietta

            Kathy Williams, Powder Springs

            Roger Wilson, Kennesaw

            Kelli Woods, Marietta


Associate of Science/Dental Hygiene

            Kristen Smith, Marietta


Associate of Science/Nursing

            Edward Adams, Marietta

            April Allen, Marietta

            Charlaya Anderson, Marietta

            Joseph Austin, Acworth

            Tina Bailey, Powder Springs

            Amy Bennett, Kennesaw

            Michelle Bernasconi, Marietta

            Brittany Blevins, Acworth

            Christopher Brown, Marietta

            Emily Brumfield, Marietta

            Ashley Cantrell, Kennesaw

            Kody Chumley, Kennesaw

            Rachel Cook, Kennesaw

            Kendall Currie, Marietta

            Melinda Davis, Mableton

            Lynd Garcon, Kennesaw

            Michaela Geiger, Marietta

            Jennifer Gordon, Marietta

            Lisa Hall, Marietta

            Kimberly Hogan, Acworth

            Linet Kairu, Acworth

            Michael Kelly, Marietta

            Wahu Kinyanjui, Marietta

            Ashley Lee, Marietta

            Andrea Loucks, Acworth

            Meredith Ransom, Kennesaw

            Christina Reyes, Smyrna

            Rachel Ridle, Kennesaw

            Virginia Rock, Atlanta

            Robert Rodgers, Powder Springs

            Ibadine Romney, Marietta

            Sylvia Talley, Marietta

            Taylor Tuggle, Kennesaw

            Leah Valvano, Powder Springs

            Simone Wright, Kennesaw


Coweta County

Associate of Science

            Elizabeth Long, Senoia


Dekalb County

Associate of Science/Nursing

            Heather Tucker, Decatur


Douglas County

Associate of Arts

            Brandon Allen, Douglasville

            Joseph Cwik, Douglasville

            Melissa Fether, Douglasville

            William Gourdine, Douglasville

            Gabrielle Johnson, Douglasville

            Rose Pierre Moise, Douglasville

            Sondra Silvers, Douglasville

            Victor Williams, Douglasville


Associate of Science

            Lina Alcaraz, Douglasville

            Rebeca Arredondo, Douglasville

            Jessica Compton, Douglasville

            Joseph Gine, Douglasville

            Therese Gough, Lithia Springs

            Patricia Loewer, Douglasville

            Brandon Oliver, Winston

            Brittany Pruitt, Lithia Springs

            Tiffeny Sharpton, Douglasville

            Zachary Simpson, Douglasville


Associate of Science/Nursing

            Crystal Chambers, Douglasville

            Lesley Harrell, Douglasville

            Natasha Moore, Douglasville

            Rebecca Walker, Douglasville


Floyd County

Associate of Applied Science

            Phillis Lyons, Rome

            Kandise McHenry, Rome

            Kelly Thornbury, Rome


Associate of Arts

            Kayla Anderson, Rome

            David Barnett, Rome

            Joshua Brown, Rome

            Margaret Burkhalter, Silver Creek

            Heather Churchill, Rome

            Ana Clayton, Lindale

            Rebecca Crooks, Shannon

            Brittney Dutton, Rome

            Kayra Edwards, Rome

            John Erickson, Rome

            Bethany Evans, Rome

            Michelle Gossett, Rome

            Krista Green, Rome

            Anabel Guevara, Rome

            Oscar Mendez, Rome

            Chelsea Perren, Rome

            Jacob Perry, Rome

            Amera Samha, Rome

            Shandi Shedd, Rome


Associate of Science

            Demetria Almond, Rome

            Kevin Blythe, Rome

            Joshua Brewer, Rome

            Bradley Cargle, Rome

            Jeffery Compeau, Rome

            Lindsey Davis, Silver Creek

            Brittany Dupuis, Rome

            Jacob Forrister, Rome

            Bristol Freeman, Rome

            Michael Freitas, Rome

            Cassandra Fuller, Rome

            Gynna Garrett, Rome

            Elaine Grant, Rome

            Kursten Hedgis, Rome

            Luis Hernandez, Rome

            Thomas Holley, Rome

            Brig Kerce, Rome

            Christopher Lanham, Rome

            Savannah Maxedon, Lindale

            Jacob McCollum, Armuchee

            Whitney Meers, Rome

            Antonio Mendez, Rome

            Megen Middleton, Rome

            Jessica Moss, Rome

            Dorothy Nasworthy, Rome

            Russell Nolan, Rome

            Charles North, Rome

            German Ospina, Rome

            Dana Ozment, Silver Creek

            Megan Perry, Coosa

            Stevanie Pruitt, Cave Spring

            David Reeves, Rome

            John Rogers, Lindale

            Marcie Scott, Rome

            Nathan Self, Shannon

            Shauna Sharp, Rome

            Shandi Shedd, Rome

            James Thacker, Silver Creek

            Allison Thornton, Silver Creek

            Anna Vaughn, Rome

            Hong Wang, Rome

            Yancytra Watkins, Rome

            Andrew West, Rome


Associate of Science/Nursing

            Heather Bishop, Shannon

            Daniel Brown, Rome

            Ashley Bryson, Rome

            Whitney Crider, Armuchee

            Amanda Crumbly, Rome

            Maggie Davis, Rome

            Jeanie Doegg, Rome

            Megan Edge, Rome

            Kandy Gibbs, Rome

            Zachary Gibson, Armuchee

            Kirsten Kapustay, Rome

            Donald Kilcrease, Lindale

            Karen Martin, Rome

            Kacie Minter, Silver Creek

            Dario Miranda, Kingston

            Maira Mousourakis, Rome

            Bethzayin Ortiz-Morillon, Rome

            Amanda Roche, Rome

            Karen Schuttinga, Rome

            Cody Scoggins, Armuchee

            Crystal Sizemore, Rome

            Katie Wacker, Rome

            Rebecca Yangoren, Silver Creek


Fulton County

Associate of Science

            Joseph Ellison, Atlanta

            Alissa Morris, Atlanta

            Samathia White, Atlanta

            Thomas Wieman, Atlanta


Associate of Science/Nursing

            Betsy Cagle, Alpharetta

            Lameka Patterson, Atlanta


Gilmer County

Associate of Science/Nursing

            Kari Allen, Ellijay

            Jennifer Hall, Ellijay


Gordon County

Associate of Arts       

            Karmin Childers, Fairmount

            Erica Clark, Calhoun

            Miranda Neal, Calhoun

            Cera Nealey, Plainville


Associate of Science

            Adrienne Beasley, Calhoun

            Tabitha Beck, Calhoun

            Jerry Cagle, Fairmount

            Amber Charles, Oakman

            Karmin Childers, Fairmount

            Cindy Palacios, Calhoun

            Robert Powers, Fairmount

            Brandy Riekert, Calhoun

            Amber Walker, Calhoun


Associate of Science/Nursing

            Joseph Neal, Calhoun

            Richard Stephens, Calhoun

            Johnny Walker, Calhoun

            Floyd Walraven, Calhoun


Gwinnett County

Associate of Science

            Jesse Hamilton, Norcross


Associate of Science/Nursing

            Kimberly Coleman, Lawrenceville

            Halima Mohamed, Dacula


Haralson County

Associate of Applied Science

            Jessica Beckham, Bremen

            Matthew Ploof, Buchanan


Associate of Arts

            Taylor Covington, Tallapoosa


Associate of Science

            Lisa McClain, Buchanan

            Katie Williams, Tallapoosa


Associate of Science/Nursing

            Kylie Lee, Bremen

            Savannah McGinnis, Tallapoosa

            Stephanie McIntosh, Bremen


Henry County

Associate of Science

            Alexandra Heard, Stockbridge


Associate of Science/Nursing

            Hannah Friel, Stockbridge

            Keona Gaines, Stockbridge


Paulding County

Associate of Applied Science

            Angela Coyle, Dallas


Associate of Arts

            Cynthia Bushway, Dallas

            Christa Evans, Dallas

            Brittany Marshall, Dallas

            Tatum Vanloan, Dallas

            Ashley Waddell, Dallas


Associate of Science

            Samantha Banks, Dallas

            Lindsay Brown, Dallas

            Lindsay Bulther, Dallas

            Davina Crichlow, Hiram

            Jennifer Erhardt, Dallas

            Heather Green, Dallas

            Merlene Green-Campbell, Dallas

            Karis Holt, Dallas

            Kayla Johnson, Dallas

            Dakota Jones, Dallas

            Chelsea Kimmons, Dallas

            Shay Laughton, Dallas

            Krystal Mayfield, Dallas

            Tara Menard, Douglasville

            Jacob Newland, Hiram

            Brianna Plouff, Dallas

            Fatima Reavis, Dallas

            Joseph Slay, Dallas

            Justin Soriano, Dallas

            Macy Taylor, Dallas

            Brittany Thomas, Dallas

            Alexandria Todd, Dallas

            Amanda White, Dallas

            Madison White, Hiram

            Edwin Whitworth, Dallas


                 Associate of Science/Nursing

            Dawn Agee, Dallas

            Reginald Allen, Hiram

            Veronica Allen, Hiram

            Michelle Baker, Dallas

            Jennifer Betts, Dallas

            Michelle Cason, Dallas

            Amanda Dodd, Dallas

            Jesse McCoy, Dallas

                           Cynthia Sims, Dallas


 Pickens County


Associate of Science

                        Destiny Reynolds, Talking Rock


Associate of Science/Nursing

        Alison Lopez, Talking Rock

        Jodi Moses, Jasper

        Angela Taylor, Jasper


Polk County

Associate of Applied Science

         Randall Bell, Cedartown

         Tiera Davis, Cedartown

         Melissa Dowda, Cedartown

        Tangela Hudson, Aragon

        Janet Prater, Rockmart

        Donna Smith, Cedartown


                Associate of Arts

        Carlos Clements, Rockmart

        Tabitha Ervin, Cedartown

        Lashunda Gibby, Cedartown

        Frank Golden, Cedartown

        Rayanna Peace, Cedartown

        Ethan Ray, Cedartown

        John Rogers, Cedartown

        Amber Spinks, Rockmart

        Anissa Washington, Cedartown

        Blake Wright, Aragon


                 Associate of Science

        Thomas Beckman, Cedartown

        Anna Broome, Cedartown

        Branson Dulaney, Cedartown

        Amanda Duncan, Aragon

        Jaclyn Groover, Cedartown

        William Hughes, Rockmart

        Christopher Lester, Cedartown

        John Marangakis, Cedartown

        James Palm, Rockmart

        Annay Perez, Cedartown

        Matthew Stone, Cedartown

        Desiree Williams, Cedartown


                Associate of Science/Nursing

        Candace Baulding, Rockmart

        Robin Duke, Cedartown

        Sara Garner, Cedartown

        Lacy Holland, Rockmart

        Marcus Lucas, Cedartown

        Amy Mank, Cedartown

        Laurie Morris, Rockmart

                        Lauren Rader, Cedartown      


                Richmond County

                Associate of Science/Nursing

                        Nishala Rankins, Hephzibah


               Whitfield County

               Associate of Science/Dental Hygiene

                        Juana Vejar, Dalton


                Eugene, Oregon         

                Associate of Arts           

                        Ana-Maria McAbee


                Clarksville, Tennessee   

                Associate of Science

                        Lashanta Clardy 


The above names were reported before final grades had been tallied, so the listing may not be completely accurate.






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