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Mark Pergrem

Physics & Astronomy

Georgia Highlands College Science Department

Office: W-239     Phone: (706) 368-7529     Email: mpergrem@highlands.edu

Physics & Physical Science Classes
  • Physical Science I
    (PHSC 1011K)

  • Physical Science II
    (PHSC 1012K)
    * Physical Science II is Astronomy

  • Introductory Physics I
    (PHYS 1111K)

  • Introductory Physics II
    (PHYS 1112K)

  • Principles of Physics I - Calculus Based
    (PHYS 2211K)

  • Principles of Physics II - Calculus Based
    (PHYS 2212K)

Additional Classes

  • Basic SCUBA
    (PHED 1410)



  • Bishop Observatory



    Orion Nebula
    Picture courtesy of NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day


Page last updated: February 10, 2010