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Compass Tests

Testing Services centers administer Compass Placement Tests and Compass Exit Tests. 

Compass Placement Tests are given to prior to admission to GHC..  There are three parts of the test (English, Reading, Math).  The GHC admissions office will evaluate applicants to determine if the Compass Placement Test is required .  The admissions office will also determine which part(s) of the test the student should take.  If the test is required the applicant will register online through the "Check Admissions Status" link on the GHC home page.  After registering, the applicant can print out a confirmation/reminder of the scheduled testing date and time.   Those required to take the Compass Placement Test should pay the $20 test fee at the business office or pay testing fee online prior to checking in at the testing room. 

Compass Exit Tests are given to students who have successfully completed a required Learning Support course.   Learning Support professors send an eligibility list to the testing centers to use for check-in on testing date.  Exits are usually given on or around Reading Day near the end of the semester.  There is no charge for the Exit exam. 

Testing Resources.  If you would like to review before coming to take the test, click the "Testing Resources" button  to access links to practice tests.

Page last updated: September 25, 2013