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Writing Skills Test

Writing Skills Test

The Writing Skills test is different than the other two test in that it is impossible to do without the mouse.  The other two tests can be done with the keyboard only but this one requires the mouse.  If you have trouble operating a mouse for any reason you should check with your testing center to see if they can offer you some type alternate input method or perhaps even a different test.

 The Writing Skills test has two screens.  One screen is very similar to the Reading Skills Test. The other screen will look something like the one pictured below.  The window on the left will show a passage of text.  Anytime that you use the mouse and click on any part of the passage a portion of the passage will become highlighted.  The window on the right will display five options for the highlighted portion of the passage.  The first option is always no change.  The other choices will rewrite that portion of the essay.


















Most of the keys on the keyboard of the computer will be inactive during the test.  Here is a list of the ones that do work during the Reading portion of the test and what each key does.




Selects answer A


Selects answer B     


Selects answer C


Selects answer D


Selects answer E

Up and

Down arrows

Scrolls through the essay.  This is the same function as clicking on the “more” buttons.


Activates the help screen.


Finished editing the essay 

The mouse can be used to perform all of these functions.  It is up to you which way you enter your answers.  Once you press G or click the “Go On” button. The answer is confirmed and COMPASS will move you to the next question.  There is no going back once you “Go On.”

Page last updated: February 23, 2010