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About the Regents' Test

All students enrolled in transfer degree programs must pass both parts of the Georgia Regents' Test as a requirement for graduation. The Regents' Test is a 2-part test of reading and writing competency.

The Test is given each semester on the Rome campus, and there is no charge for taking it.

Students register online to take the test by the deadline for the semester in which they plan to take the it.

When to take the Regents' Test

• Students may take the test in the semester after they have completed English 1101 with a C or better.

• Students must take the test in the semester after they have completed 30 semester hours if they have not taken it previously.

• Students who have earned 45 semester credit hours (not counting Learning Support) and who have not passed the test must enroll in appropriate preparation courses (see below) until they pass the test. To assure compliance with this regulation, a registration hold will be placed on the student until they have registered for the appropriate remediation classes.

• Students who have failed the test twice, regardless of hours, must enroll in remediation classes.

Transferring students and the Regents' Test

• Students in transfer programs who come to Georgia Highlands College from other system institutions and who have 45 or more credit hours and who have not passed the test must enroll in appropriate remediation courses (see below) and take the test during their first semester of enrollment.

• Students with 45 or more semester credit hours who are transferring from institutions which are not a part of the University System of Georgia, or from programs which do not require the test, must enroll in appropriate remediation courses (see below) if they have not passed both parts of the Test by their third semester of enrollment.

Special testing

• Students requesting special accommodations for taking the Regents' Test must do so through the Director of Disability Support Services.

• Students whose native language is not English should consult with the Chair of Academic Support for information concerning an ESL version designed specifically to accommodate their language difficulties.

Regents' Test Preparation Courses

The courses are RGTR 0198 (reading) and RGTE 0199 (writing). Students must enroll in the course or courses related to the portion of the test which they have failed and pass the class before they are allowed to take or re-take the test. They must re-take only the part of the test which they have failed. Failure to comply with the remediation requirement can delay or prohibit graduation.

Page last updated: February 24, 2010