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Academic Support Reading Skills Test

Reading Skills Test

Here is an example of what a screen might look like on the reading portion of the COMPASS test.  This is a big improvement over the old version because you can see the reading sample and the question at the same time.

In this example there are three questions associated with the passage.  You will not be allowed to “Go On” until you answer all of the questions in the passage.  To move from one question to the next you can click on the numbered box or press the number on the keyboard that you want displayed in the right window.

 Most of the keys on the keyboard of the computer will be inactive during the test.  Here is a list of the ones that do work during the Reading portion of the test and what each key does.




Selects answer A


Selects answer B     


Selects answer C


Selects answer D


Selects answer E

Up and

Down arrows

Scrolls through the essay.  This is the same function as clicking on the “more” buttons.

1, 2, 3…

Moves you in-between numbered questions

Left and Right arrows

Selects the next numbered question. Moves you in-between numbered questions


Activates the help screen.


Confirms the selected answer and moves you to the next question. 


The mouse can be used to perform all of these functions. It is up to you which way you enter your answers. Once you press G or click the “Go On” button the answers to all of the questions from that passage are confirmed and COMPASS will move you to the next passage or stop the test. There is no going back once you “Go On.”

Page last updated: February 23, 2010