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Reading for Regents Test

The Regents' Reading Test


About the Regents Test at Georgia Highlands College.
An overview of policy and guidelines.

Tips for success on the Regents' Test in Reading.

How many do I need to get right right to pass?
How your score is calculated.

Online Tutorials Practice for the Regents' test by reading 8 tutorial passages with 100 questions. The tutorials feature automatic scoring, tips, and explanations for each why choice is right or wrong. You can read the "feedback" box each time you answer a question to see each choice explained, and to see how many total questions you got right on each passage.

Regents' Testing website This link goes to the official Regents' Testing Website. The site includes a description of the Reading Test and a practice reading test with instructional feedback.

How many do I have to get right?
On the 54-item Reading Test, students typically would need to answer correctly about 39 questions. On relatively hard forms of the test, 38 questions answered correctly might be required, and on relatively easy forms, 40 questions might be required.

How scores are calculated at the office of Regents' Testing
Here is the official explanation from the Office of Regents' testing:

" The scores that are reported for the Reading Test are a translation of the total number-right score to standard "scale scores" that are common across all forms of the test (there are more than 1 versions of the test given each semester).

Scale scores rather than number-right scores are used so that students' scores are independent of the particular form of the test taken.

It is not possible to develop alternate forms that are always exactly equivalent in difficulty; some forms are slightly easier or slightly more difficult than others.

It is important that these differences in difficulty be taken into account in the reporting of scores. Scale scores make this possible.

Because of the use of scale scores, a student is not penalized for taking a more difficult form or rewarded for taking an easier form."

Scale scores

Here's an explanation of "scale" scores:

"The scale scores for the reading test have values that range from 1 to 99, with the minimum passing score set at 61.

By setting the passing score for each form to a scale score of 61, the same level of skill is required to pass the test regardless of the relative difficulty of the particular form taken.

For one form of the test, a scale score of 61 may represent 72% of the questions answered correctly; for a slightly more difficult form, a scale score of 61 may represent 70% of the questions answered correctly. The scale score of 61 has corresponded, on average, to approximately 72% of questions answered correctly."

Page last updated: February 24, 2010