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Mission & Goals

Mission and Goals of the Academic Success and eLearning Division

The goals of the division are directly linked to the following institutional goal(s) of Georgia Highlands College:

  • Effect quality teaching and learning that are focused on academic achievement and personal and professional growth.

  • Provide comprehensive student services that encourage and enable all students to be successful learners.

  • Utilize appropriate technologies to advance programs, services and operations to support teaching and learning.


The division performs the following tasks:

  • Tracks first-year requirements for the First Year Experience program and is responsible for the content of FYE courses (FCST 1010 and FCST 1020).

  • Places students into Learning Support courses and tracks progress through them according to policies of the Georgia Board of Regents (BOR) and Georgia Highlands College. Academic Success is also responsible for the content of the Learning Support courses, with input from the Humanities and Mathematics Divisions.


Administrative Goals

For Learning Support, the division will

1.  Assess the requirements for placement (COMPASS) testing for prospective students in the re-admit, transfer, and post-baccalaureate categories, and notify those students of what tests are required and when (date and time) to test.

2.  Insure that students are placed into Learning Support classes according to policies of the Georgia Board of Regents (BOR) and Georgia Highlands College, and track students' progress through those courses in order to provide the appropriate number of attempts allowed and verify that Learning Support is completed in a timely way.

3.  Notify students of their progress through Learning Support classes before Learning Support dismissal is required.

4.  Check student placements in Learning Support courses at the beginning of each term to catch and correct advising errors resulting in mistaken enrollments.

5.  Train advisors at Faculty Academy and other times in Learning Support advising to reduce advising errors and make Learning Support advisors readily available at orientations.

Academic Goals

The division's academic goals are well expressed in the Student Learning Outcomes for our courses. 

In addition to those, we have an overall performance goal of insuring that our exiting Learning Support students are able to perform well in credit-level classes.

Assessment of Goals

Information about assessment of our goals is presented here.

Page last updated: February 27, 2012