In the center of your My Home page you'll see the News widget.

The News widget on your My Home page contains announcements for all D2L LE users. For example, you may see the current Galileo password, information about new features, or links to other sites.

When you go to one of the courses in which you are enrolled, you see the News widget for that course on the Course Home page. Below, you can see the news posted by the instructor.


Figure 1

News on your My Home page is sent out by your GHC D2L Admin Team, and concerns news about important dates and events that concern all users.

You will also see a different News widget when you access one of your courses. Each course in which you are registered has its own News widget, which instructors use for specific news about that course.

It is a good idea to leave the News widget open, and when you log in next time it will stay that way.

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