My Home

After you have logged in, the next page to appear is your "My Home" page.

There are three main areas on your "My Home" page:

1. The Minibar, which is new to Learning Environment.
2. The main navigation bar, which is present on every page.
3. The My Home page "widgets", shown below in their unexpanded view.

minibar areas


The Minibar

The minibar is new and appears at the top of all screens. You can use the minibar to do a number of things wherever you are in Learning Environment.

the minibar

1. My Home

To get back to the My Home page, click "My Home".

my home link

Select a Course

To go to a course in which you are enrolled click "Select a course".

The dropdown-list of courses in which you enrolled appears. Note that you can "pin" the courses you go to most frequently by clicking the pin icon (see #3, in the screenshot below) next to the course title.

select a course

The Alerts Icons

Use the "Alerts" icons to check for new messages, updates and subscriptions.

In the screenshot below, notice that there is a red dot on the Updates Alert, indicating that the user has something new in News or various due dates.

Personal menu: change your Personal Settings.

To the right of the Alert icons, you see your name and a picture -if you have uploaded one. Next to your name is a small white triangle.

Click the triangle to see a pulldown menu with which you can modify your personal settings, specify where you want notifications sent, and change your account settings.

You can also check your progress.


The Main Navigation Bar

The main navigation bar is located beneath the Minibar. It appears on all pages in Learning Environment.

From the main navigation bar you can:


The HELP link opens a new browser window (the Learning Environment browser window remains open) with a main help page with an extensive table of contents that has in-depth help pages on all the main tools you'll be using in D2L.

In the main part of the My Home page you will see three "widgets", which you can expand or close by clicking the small grey < next to the title. You will see how they work in the next section.

To continue, click the "next" arrow...