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You can adjust how the D2L Learning Environment looks and how certain things work by using the Personal pulldown menu on the Minibar.


The Personal Settings pulldown menu allows you to:

Personal Profile

Create and edit your personal profile through the Profile tool. Filling out your profile is optional, but this feature is a great way for social networking and meeting other users in a course.

Your profile information can appear in the Classlist. Your profile picture might appear next to your discussion posts, your name in classlists, and ePortfolio contributions.

Profile information also appears on profile cards, which display whenever you hover over or click on the thumbnail image of a user, if your organization enables this feature.

Depending on the information you include in your profile and what your organization enables, profile cards can show other users any of the following:


The Notifications menu enables you to:

Account Settings

Use the Account Settings tool to customize and manage your personal preferences for things such as your online status, Learning Environment's appearance, accessibility options, language and region, Discussions settings, and Email options.


The User Progress tool helps track student progress in a course by measuring their completion of 9 different progress indicators. Instructors can use User Progress to track their students' overall progress and prepare progress reports, while students can use User Progress to keep track of all of their course-specific assignments and feedback.

The User Progress tool is accessible from both My Home and the course level. From My Home, students can access their own progress reports for all of the courses they have active enrollment in. At the course level, both instructors and students can access user progress reports for the course they are currently in, although students can only view their own progress.



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