My Courses

On the right of your My Home page, you will see the "My Courses" widget (Fig 1). Remeber to click on the > to expand the widget if necessary.

You use the My Courses widget to see and access the courses in which you are registered.

my copurses

Figure 1

The My Courses widget allows you to:

When you click a course title in the My Courses widget, the Course Home page opens. The Course Home page is the central area for most things you'll be doing in the course.

Note that you can access the courses for a particular semester on the first day the semester starts, and not before.

To go to a different course

When you want to leave one course and go to a different one, you can either go back to the My Home page and choose another course from the list in the My Courses widget, or use the My Courses pulldown menu on the Minibar, which is available on all screens.

To go back to the My Home page when you are in a course, click My Home at the top of the navigation bar of the course you are in.


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