Get your D2L Username & password

If this is your first time logging in to D2L, you'll need to look up your username and password.

1. Go to the GHC ID Lookup page on the GHC web site home page.

2. When the page opens, click the orange "GHC ID Lookup" link (Figure 1 just shows a screenshot, this is not the link you click!).

id lookup box
Figure 1

3. Enter the required information on the GHC ID Lookup page and click submit (a screenshot is shown in Figure 2).

id lookup

Figure 2

4. Record your D2L/external ID. This is your D2L username.

5. Record your Default password for D2L. This is your initial D2L password.

Log in

1. From a computer (Mac or Windows) or tablet, and go online.

2. Launch a web browser (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, or Chrome are OK).

3. Go to: http://highlands.view.usg.edu

4. The D2L login page appears (Fig. 3).

login screenshot

Figure 3

5. You use the D2L login page to:

6. In the login box (Fig 4), enter your D2L Username and Password (it is case sensitive).

7. Click the "Login" button.


Figure 4

What to do if you can't log in

If you have forgotten your password, or a message appears saying that you entered an "Invalid username/password" (Fig 5) you can easily get a new password and it will be sent to your GHC email account.

NOTE: If you changed your email in SCORE, the email reset message will be sent to that email, not to your GHC email.

To see how to get a new password, click the "next" arrow at the bottom of the page.


invalid message page

Figure 5


To continue, click the "next" arrow...

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