Where you go for help depends on what you need.

Each of these ways to get help is described below.

1. Get help from the D2L Help Center

NOTE: The D2L Help Center CANNOT reset your D2L password.

To get help 24/7, 365 days a year go to the D2L Help Center, (Fig 1) where you can get:

help site screenshot

Figure 1

2. Get Help from the GHC IT Help Desk

You can contact the GHC Informational Technology Department for in-person assistance or you can submit a help ticket.

***NOTE: The GHC IT Helpdesk CANNOT reset your LE password.

The IT department is available via phone during staff office hours:

Monday - Thursday 8:00am - 5:30pm; Friday 8:00am - noon.

Floyd and Heritage Hall: (706) 295-6775

Cartersville: (678) 872-8086

Submit a Request Ticket to

Due to the limited staff at other GHC campuses, students attending the Marietta, Paulding, and Douglasville campuses are encouraged to call one of the numbers above for the fastest response time. You can also fill out the Student IT Request Form, which sends your form directly into our ticketing system.

3. Get help from the instructor

GHC instructors have web sites that you can see by going to the GHC website and entering the instructor's name in the Search Box at the top right of the home page.

The instructor's site will provide contact information.

4. Get Help in D2L Learning Environment

You can also get help using D2L by clicking the HELP link on the top navbar. A separate browser window opens, with a table of contents on the left and a list of the main topics on the right (Fig 2).

You can expand the topics in the table of contents by ckicking the grey triangle next to each topic (Fig 3).


Figure 2

help expanded

Figure 3

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