Frequently Asked Questions

What is D2L LE?

D2L LE is short for the Desire-2-Learn Learning Environment, the learning management system used by many (but not all) GHC instructors. It is widely used in all colleges in the Georgia University System.

How do I log in?

For detailed instructions, click the "Get Started" link in the menu for how to get your username and password, and where to go to log in.

How can I change my initial password?

1. Log in to D2L.
2. Open the "My Settings" widget on your "My Home" page.
3. Click "Change Password."

I am having problems logging in, now what?

1. First, be sure to read the first 3 pages under "Get Started."
2. Allow 24-36 hours after you register at GHC for your courses to get to D2L.
3. You can check the 24/7 online D2L Help site for assistance.

I don't see a course I registered for in the "My Courses" widget. Why?

1. It takes 24-36 hours after you register for a course in Banner/SCORE for the course to show in "My Courses" in D2L.
2. Check SCORE to see if you are registered for the course correctly in Banner.

I forgot my password, what should I do?
Changing your GHC Network password will automatically change your D2L password to the same password.

I'm having problems, where can I get help?
To find out how to get online and one-on-one assistance, click the Help link on the menu above.

When can I access my courses D2L?

Your courses will be available for student access on the first day of the semester.

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