The Email tool allows you to send email from within the D2L Learning Environment. You can also organize received mail using folders and store email addresses using the Address Book.

Use the options (Fig 1) located across the top of the Message List page to access tool features.


Figure 1

Compose New Message

To compose an email

  1. From the inbox, click Compose.
  2. Enter the recipient’s email address in the To field. Click Address Book to locate an address from your Address Book.
  3. Enter a brief description of your email in the Subject line.
  4. Enter your message in the Body.
  5. Click the Spell Checker icon to check for misspellings.
  6. Click Send.

compose new2


To read an email message

Unread messages appear in bold.
To read a message, click the subject link of the message. The message opens in either a preview pane or new window, depending on your settings.

To mark an email message as read

Select the check box next to the message or messages you want to mark as read.
Click Mark as Read at the top of the message list.

To reply to or forward an email message

From the inbox, click on the message you want to reply to or forward.
Click Reply, Reply All, or Forward.
Enter the recipient names in the To field.
To expand the Cc and Bcc fields, click Add CC or BCC.
For reply and reply all, the recipients automatically populate, but you can add additional recipients if desired.
Add any additional content, including attachments, to the message. Click Send.

To search for an email message

Use the Search For field to search and find messages in the inbox. Type the word you are searching for in the Search For field and click Search. Click the Show Search Options link to search specifically in the From, Subject, or Body fields of messages in the inbox.

To drag-and Drop an Attachment

You can add an attachment to an email by dragging a file from your PC desktop to the "upload" zone by the Attachments area at the bottom of the Compose screen. A Word file is being dragged in this way in the screenshot below.



Icon Option Description

Message List message list icon

Click Message List to return to the message folder last viewed when viewing different email page.

Compose message list icon

Click Compose to create and send emails.
Click Refresh to reload this page and check for new emails.

Folder Management

 The Folder Management icon takes you to a page where you can sort the messages you receive by saving them in folders you have created and organized.


 Click Settings to open a page where you can customize your email, display, and forwarding options.

The Filter by feature allows you to quickly sort and view your messages (and contacts) by specific course associations, by group or section within a course, or, as in the case of contacts, as either personal or course-related. You can also view messages (and contacts) not associated with a course offering, using this feature.

Use the Filter By drop-down list to display your messages by one of the following criteria:

Result:  Displays messages associated with a specified course. All courses that you are enrolled in and that have email enabled are displayed. 

Note:  Users enrolled in a cascading role can only see the current course offering and its affiliated groups and sections.

Use the Folder drop-down list to display messages kept in a specific folder. You can also access your Address Book through this list.

The folders are either system-created or created by you. System folders include: Inbox, Drafts, Address Book, Sent Mail, and Trash.

Possible email configurations

There are four different email configurations. Depending on which configuration your organization sets up, you may not have access to all email features described in this section.

Internal email addresses are addresses created by Learning Environment and tied to a user account in the learning management system. External email addresses are managed outside Learning Environment (e.g. You can associate an external email address with your Learning Environment email using Email Settings.

Configuration Description

Send-Only email
You can compose emails from within Learning Environment, but you cannot receive emails.

You can set your email address to an external account to receive messages.

Course email

 You have an email account for sending emails to and receiving emails from other users in Learning Environment. You cannot send emails to external addresses.

Note:  If you add an attachment and want to delete it before sending, click the Remove link beside the attachment.

The following file types CANNOT be added to or downloaded from email messages in Learning Environment: .asp, .aspx, .exe, .bat, .dll, .com, .asa, .asax, .ascx, .asmx, .axd, .cdx, .cer, .config, .idc, .cs, .csproj, .java, .jsl, .licx, .rem, .resources, .resx, .shtm, .shtml, .stm, .vb, .vbproj, .vjsproj, .vsdisco, .webinfo, .ini.

The size of the attachments you are able to send is determined by your organization. You will receive a warning message if your attachment is larger than the allowable size.

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