If you looked up your username and password in GHC ID Lookup, and entered this information in the login box, but you got a message (Fig 1) that you entered an "Invalid username/password", you can easily reset your password.

invalid password message

Figure 1

How to reset your password

1. First, check that you entered your credentials correctly by re-entering your D2L username and password —remember, passwords are case sensitive.

2. If you still can't log in, reset your password. A new one will be sent to your GHC email address (or to the email address you set up in SCORE if you changed it from your GHC email address). Follow the steps shown below.

3. In the Login box on the D2L Login page, click the "Forgot Password?" link (Fig 2).

try agin box

Figure 2

3. The "Forgot Your Password?" page appears (Fig 3).

4. Fill in your D2L username and click the Submit button on the bottom right.

reset password window

Figure 3

4. The "Password Reset Email Sent" page appears (Fig 4), confirming that an email has been sent to your GHC email address (or to the email address you specified if you changed your email from the GHC student emil in SCORE).

sent to box

Figure 4

5. To retrieve the email, go to your GHC Email and look for the message from "donotreply". BE PATIENT!

It usually takes a short time for the email to get to your email account, but if the network is busy, it can take longer.

6. The "Password Reset" email looks like the one below (Fig 5).

reset link email

Figure 5

5. Click the "Reset my password" link.
Note that you have 96 hours to click the reset link, after which it expires.

6. The "Choose a New Password" page appears (Fig 6).

7. Enter your D2L username.

8. Enter a new password between 8 and 50 characters.

9. Re-enter your new password in the next box.

10. Click Submit (bottom right).

chhse a new password

Figure 6

11. The "Password successfully reset" page appears (Fig 7).

12. Click "Go to login page" (it send you back to the D2L login page) and enter your D2L username and your new password.

confirmed page

Figure 7

If you are still having login problems

If you still can't log in, please contact Georgia Highlands IT HELP for assistance. See the HELP section of this site for contact information.

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