When you click a course title in the My Courses widget on your My Home page, the Course Home page opens.

Each of your courses has its own Course Home page, with a navbar and widgets.

There are two ways to get to course content: The Content link and the Content Browser.

course home


1. The Course Home Navbar

There are eight links on the Course Home navbar (Fig 1):

2. The Calendar Widget.

The Course Calendar Widget displays upcoming events specific to the course you are looking at.

course calendar

3. The News Widget

The News widget shows information posted by the instructor.
There may be more news items than yopu see in the small widget, so to see all news for a course, click the link at the bottom. This opens the full News window, where you can view all news items.

4. The Content Browser Widget

You can get to course content modules, or topics in the modules by clicking a link in the Content Browser, or if there are topics in a module, by clicking the > next to a module, which shows the links to the topics.

content browser

To continue, click the "next" arrow...

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