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Each course you are registered for that uses D2L has its own Course Home page.

Some GHC courses don't use D2L, so although you will see all the courses you are registered for in your My Courses widget, you won't see a Course Home page for one that doesn't use D2L.

The screenshot below shows the Course Home page for a course called "10.2 Demo Course".

Notice that the course title now appears on the Minibar next to the My Home link.

course home

1. The Minibar you saw on your My Home page also appears on the Course Home page —it is always at the top of each page.

2. Help is always available on the Minibar.

3. The Course calendar lists upcoming events in your course.

4. The News for the course.

5. The Content Browser widget is used to see and access the course material: pages, video clips, links to websites, quizzes, discussions, etc. —everything the instructor has put in the course.

The Content Browser also shows links to Bookmarks you have set in the course, a link to recently-visited units, and a list of the course content units (chapter, week, module, unit, etc).

Note that you can click the > next to a course content unit to see sub-topics in the unit, as shown below for the "Introduction" unit sub-topics.



Course Home Navbar


Each course has its own navbar: you can use the Course Home navbar to:

Note that you can view course content eiter by clicking the "Content" link on the Course Home navbar, or by clicking one of the units in the course in the Content Browser.

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