Many students and instructors value Learning Management Systems because it is easy to keep in contact.

There are three main ways to contact your instructor or other class members: the email tool, the Chat tool and the Discussions tool.

You get to the email tool by clicking the eMail notification Alert icon on the Minibar, which is always at the top of every D2L page. The email tool allows you to read and send email from any of the courses you are registered for.

The eMail notification icon is the small envelope, below.


In the screensot above, notice that the "Update Alerts" notification icon in the center has a red dot, indicating that there is something new. A red dot also appears on the eMail icon if you have new messages.

The email tool allows you to send email to other class members or to the instructor, but does not allow forwarding to external email addresses. You use D2L email only withing D2L courses.

You get to the Chat and Discussions tool by clicking the appropriate link on the Course Home navbar, because each course has its own chat and discussions tools.


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