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'In Rainbows' considered as unique as it gets with music

By Ansley Fowler
Staff Writer

- CD Review -

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Radiohead is a band from the UK that has swept across the world like a wildfire.

The band consists of Collin Greenwood on bass guitar, Jonny Greenwood (guitar, ondes Martenot, keyboard, glockenspiel), Ed O'Brian (guitar and harmony vocals), Phil Selway on drums, and lead singer Thom Yorke on guitar, keyboard and piano.

The band originated in Oxford, England, and released their first single, "Creep," in 1992. They weren't a hit worldwide, however, until 1997 when they released their third album, "OK Computer," which showed the band's unique sound that set them apart from any other band at the time.

"In Rainbows" is Radiohead's seventh and most recent album, and, unlike the case with some of their albums Thom Yorke, wrote most of the lyrics. "In Rainbows" has a wider range of musical styles and instruments that make it unique, compared to "Pablo Honey," the group's first album.

For example, the first track, entitled "15 Step," comes in very synthesized and electronic, and then the other instruments and vocals come in, giving the track a nice ebb and flow. Each song has its own style, yet somehow the band made the tracks almost collide into each other in such a way that the tracks flow together.

Another interesting aspect of "In Rainbows" is that it was first released in October 2007 as a digital online album that fans could download at whatever price they saw fit.