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College administration should listen to the concerns of students

Perhaps the least enviable job in the cannon of academia is that of a college administrator. The people who we charge with running our educational institutions are a veritable crossbreed of politician, financier and educator. With so many hats to wear, to call these individuals busy is an understatement. They do a fine job, considering how thinly their efforts are stretched. That being said, there are issues at Georgia Highlands college that seem to be falling under the radar of the college administration.

For example, the GHC Cartersville campus is the most populated GHC site with close to 2000 students enrolled. Yet, the Floyd campus remains the only GHC site to include an on site dining service. While available space is certainly an issue here, surely the administration can do better for the students than a hallway full of vending machines and a microwave.

To take another example, many students have voiced concerns about their experiences with the Office of Admissions at GHC. Students feel that the interaction that they have with personnel in this office is quite often negative in nature.

Also, questions that students voice about the admissions process are either not answered, or several contradictory answers are given. As the first administrative office that prospective students have contact with, it is imperative that students are met with a supportive and positive attitude throughout the admissions process.

As my time as a student at GHC draws to a close, I am reminded of the superb quality of education that is provided at GHC. Indeed, it compares with the best colleges in the state. The students of GHC must be proud of our alma mater, as we work with administrators to improve the already superb education offered at GHC.

This publication is the voice of the students on each GHC campus. As such, it requires input from the larger college community. Please, let us know what is on your minds. E-mail us at: 6mpost@student.highlands.edu