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Editor's Box

LaTonya Burrell
Assistant Editor

My little family that could

When I first entered Georgia Highlands College, I didn't know what to expect. I had just transferred from Coosa Valley Tech and changed my major from nursing to English. While I knew that changing majors was the right thing to do, I could not help feeling nervous. I was at a new school with students and teachers I had never met, not to mention that I could not find a single classroom. I honestly truly felt like a fish out of water.

Because I am an English major, one of the first things I did was join the Six Mile Post. Even though I had no experience writing for a publication, I jumped in head first.

My enthusiasm for becoming a member of the paper was quickly diminished by the time I was assigned my first article: the Georgia Primary. To be honest, I almost choked. I knew that I had to keep an honest, open mind while relaying factual information in a story format. Even worse, it dawned on me that everyone would read my article.

Once I mustered up the courage to start the writing process I realized it was not so bad. As the opportunities for me to interview people increased, the more comfortable I felt about and around the school. My classmates were more than happy to be interviewed and the faculty enjoyed giving me the information I needed. I truly felt that everyone wanted me to succeed, but I did not quite believe in myself.

There was still the pressure of making sure that I presented my findings in a suitable fashion. Considering that I only had a week to put an article together, I was under a lot of pressure. For nights, I fretted, typed, deleted and retyped my story, wanting to get it just right. Finally, sick of running around in circles and sleepless nights, I turned my article in.

For about two weeks, I patiently waited for the status of my story to be revealed. Then on January 29, the Six Mile Post was out. Slowly, but surely, people started to congratulate me on my article. For the first time in a long time, I was really proud of myself.

I have had a really great experiences my first semester at GHC, from the friends that I have made to the faculty that take great care in my success; the Six Mile Post is my little family that could. The staff always believed in me and my capability to be a great member. Without the SMP, I do not believe that I would have the confidence that I have now.