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Academic Advising Guide




Academic Advising Administration Structure

Academic Advising Mission Statement & Expected Outcomes

Academic Advisors Responsibilities

Advanced Placement Program

        AP Score Guidelines

Advisees (Students) Responsibilities

Advising Specialists

Business Administration Transfer Information

Classroom Based Advising

COMM 1100 Human Communications Delivery Comparison

Faculty Advisors

Learning Support Placement Guidelines

             What Can I take with...?  

Course Delivery Options  :  compares traditional classroom, hybrid, DVD, and Web-based classes

CPC Deficiency Options : provides list of GHC courses that can be taken to satisfy the various College Preparatory Curriculum deficiencies. 

Dental Hygiene : link to information about GHC's Career Program in Dental Hygiene

DTAE Transfer Courses : provides list of courses that are transferable to GHC from various Technical Schools in Georgia

Early Childhood Education Initiative Information--GHC & West Georgia

FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act)

     Specific FERPA information for GHC

Foreign Language Information

Glossary of College Related Terms

Learning Community Information

MATH 1001 vs MATH 1111---which should I take?

MATH 2200, Elementary Statistics, Web-Based Option

Nursing Program Information

Program of Study Course Maps

Program of Study Comparison--Career/Transfer/Cooperative : compares the three degree tracks at GHC

Regents Exam Information

Resources & Referrals :list of contacts by campus for various

Student Insurance Information

Study Abroad Information

Workforce Investment Act (WIA) Program Information


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