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Here is another camouflaged view from behind a willow screen. To the left are turtles sunning, to the right are more nesting waterfowl. Sometimes the great blue heron hides here, away from the recreational activities of Paris Lake.

Your observational skills are well practiced by now. You will pick up on many wetland sights and sounds that are now familiar.

Even look up into the open sky and you may see a red tailed hawk on a surveillance flight, hunting in open country.

Halfway between the last bend and the dead-end of the boardwalk is the old pump-house that served the farm of yesteryear. This whole area of Floyd County has numerous springs and sufficient groundwater to support wells successfully.

That is one reason that these wetlands are well supplied with water even during over-all drought conditions. You are back in scrub-shrub territory now, and some exposed mud has the orange tones of certain alga species. There are some dogwood interspersed with the willows here.

Mosquitoes are few, as the slowly moving water and many insectivores diminish their numbers (contrary to popular belief about swamps).











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