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This is your first view of the pond. As the cattail population expands year to year, the exact position of the open pond varies. Cattail is termed the "Supermarket of the Swamp" as all parts are useful in some way.

Bacteria in symbiosis with the roots are responsible for cleaning/filtering the water that slowly flows by, as organic materials are broken down and recycled.



The roots provide food for many heterotrophs, large and small, and shelter for reptiles and amphibians.

The stalks provide shelter and protection for nesting birds. Humans have used the young pods for food and the seed fluff for bedding.

Turtles sun on any exposed woody debris. Looking on the opposite side from the pond, you may get a glimpse of a deer dappled with the shade of the underbrush as he stares back at you, feeling securely camouflaged. Or, several deer may bound away quickly, showing you only their backsides for an instant, as you look after them by reflex.











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