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Thus far, the boardwalk has followed what was Paris Lake Road in times past. The bridge you are standing over now is an original part of that road.

This bridge spans the stream at the point that it turns to the left, heading into a wide cattail marsh area.

This is a bottleneck for the water and the animals. Standing here, you may see fish, beaver, muskrat, or river otters pass by.


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Station 5
Early morning or late evening near twilight is the "rush hour". The shade here will allow you a respite of cool before heading into the open marsh area.

Bird chatter from the overhanging trees reminds you that you are an intruder. A spider may drop near you, suspended by its invisible line. Snakes? maybe...


A respite of cool...

Blossoms near station 5. The boardwalk angles slightly to the left and begins to elevate.

This beaver dam has produced a small pond -home to many fish and insects. The pond has become part of the flow of the stream; note the clear water.











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