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The boardwalk dead ends into the second observation deck. A few stark, bleached dead trees mark the landscape. Observe these trunks for the many holes serving as homes for wildlife.

Sometimes flocks of birds chatter among the highest branches, on their way to or from their seasonal homes.

Even the felled, rotting logs are important due to the recycling of their nutrients through fungal decay as well as providing homes for rodents, snakes, lizards and insects. Here is a second emergent cattail habitat and waterfowl enjoy this very secluded pond.

The exit of the stream from the Georgia Highlands College property is near, yet obscured from view.

You may hear the water running over a beaver dam at this point, and looking toward the sound, you may distinguish the stream bank by its border of trees.

There is a beaver lodge right at the stream bank where two tree trunks form a V. This one is not close enough for direct observation.

Beyond is an exclamation point emphasizing the technological presence of human ingenuity--a cell phone tower!











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