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Now you have reached the most elevated part of the boardwalk and you are overlooking the landscape in panorama once again. The emergent cattail marsh is giving way to deepwater habitat.

Looking over the pond toward the lake dam, there is a cluster of living and dead willows, centered and just to the left of your observation point.



This site holds one of the older beaver lodges, which seems not to be fully active. It is possible that beavers in favor of a more secluded spot abandoned it, yet it seems that muskrats come and go from here, probably as sub-lets.

Waterfowl nest nearby and occasionally you'll surprise a wading heron, if he doesn't surprise you first.

The stairs access the ground level surface and are available with permission for research studies, inventory and analysis of wetland fauna and flora. Don't explore alone, and wear snake-proof boots!

Station 9
Remember the large new lodge you viewed from atop the dam? Now, go to the corner of the observation deck where there is a natural screen of willow growth.

Use the screen for camouflaged observation of activity in the pond.

Looking slightly to the left of the corner, about halfway between your position and the lake dam, seek the pile of mud and bleached wood debris that marks the large lodge. It is clearly visible in winter and spring, but summer and fall foliage may obscure this view.

You may get another chance at STATION #10 and just beyond. Woodpecker may be heard tap-tap-tap while standing here.

The observation deck
Seen here is the observation deck at station four, which provides a view of a stream running benerath the boardwalk.

Biologist Dr. Michael Windelspecht writes: "The key to developing wildlife habitat is to let the area alone." He notes that "the wetland area is home to a wide array of wildlife including frogs, fish, voles, muskrats, deer, herons, hawks, and many other water-loving species."










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