Lab Objectives:


Students should be able to...

  1. identify the various parts of the microscope and their function

  2. calculate total magnification

  3. define: field of view, parfocal, working distance, and depth of field

  4. describe and apply the proper use of a microscope


I. Introductory information and care of the microscope:


II. Checklist of parts of the microscope--please make sure you know the function and correct procedure for use of these structures:

Parts of the Microscope:
  1. nosepiece
  2. objectives
    • scanning objective (magnifies 4X)

    • low power objective (magnifies 10X)

    • high power objective (magnifies 40X)

  3. stage clips
  4. stage platform
  5. condenser with iris (disc) diaphragm
  6. light source/power source
  7. base
  8. ocular (magnifies 10X)
  9. arm
  10. coarse adjustment knob
  11. fine adjustment knob
  12. body tube
  13. mechanical stage knobs
  14. power cord


III. Use of the microscope

  IV. Additional rules to remember

V. Useful Website